Where to buy 90s grunge roots flannel shirts online in India

I once used to think that those cozy button-down flannel shirts were a absolutely NO, ugly and a bad fashion. But, Ohh man, damn, I was wrong! The 90’s grunge roots, Flannel shirts were back again better than ever in west around mid of 2000s, have been must have for the fall fashion since then, and many have fallen in true love with these patterned long sleeve checked shirts which Hamilton Carhartt originally invented.

A Flannel shirt sometimes mistakenly understood as a plaid shirt instead of a shirt constructed of Flannel fabric ( a soft woven fabric, of various fineness, usually comes in bright big checks ), flannel fabric is a heavier one that will keeps you warm in all those chilly days.

flannel fabric

Flannel shirts are perfect for layering, over a tee, to flaunt like a jacket. Popularity of flannel shirts can be imagine from the style trend that girls loves to pick men’s oversized flannel shirts to wear button up with a boyfriend jeans or tied around the waist.

While flannel is one of the top fashionista trend in west, it is a pity that not even a single brand in India has launched good number of flannel shirts designs yet (some such as Wrangler and Indian terrain have been including one or two designs in their winter collection ) despite India having favorable weather conditions for a flannel shirt. However, recently, like some Indian brands took notice of popularity of button down shirts in west (which were also a rare species to find a few seasons back in India) I expect flannel shirts to arrive big very soon in India.

It is rather difficult to find a flannel shirt online in India, and trust me! you need to be ridiculously lucky to find one, here are few options that I know to buy a flannel shirt online in India, however the choices of designs would still be very limited

#ebay, search for “flannel shirt” and you may land up getting some factory surplus shirts from american brands such as american eagle and hollister but you would only get a size if you are lucky however the price of such shirts is very less as compared to the original price

#snapdeal and ebay, you may find some of the same sellers selling factory surplus american eagle shirts but choices would be very less.

[Update] snapdeal has got some good flannel shirts, at dangerously low price around.

#yepme does bring 1-2 flannel designs but not so good premium shirts.

#elitify has some great looking flannel shirts from premium brands but it can bite your pocket like anything.

#jackandjones, stanleykane, wrangler  and Indian terrain brings some flannel designs some times, these brands are available at select stores and online.

#you can also try out local stores that sells imitations of international brands and chances are better if you query them as winter shirts

Some of the nice looking flannel shirts 

flannel shirt blue flannel shirt red

STANLEY-KANE-Men-Shirts_flannelflannel shirt green

pic credit: american eagle, myntra, snapdeal






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