What is Big boss 7 contestants Armaan kohli’s real age?

{Big boss 7 contestants Armaan kohli, mystery over Armaan kohli’s real age} Big boss 7 contestants Armaan kohli, son of the famous bollywood producer Rajkumar Kholi,  is one of the most controversial yet entertaining housemate who has created enough buzz in the house thanks to his rumored romance with another bog boss 7 contestant Tanishaa Mukherjee. Other Big boss housemates can often be seen locked in heated arguments with Armaan kohli during weekly tasks, while it always creates enough entertainment and high-octane viewing material for the viewers, it sometimes brings many mysterious things that left viewers keep puzzling all the time and one such mystery, right from the start of the show, is Armaan Kohli’s real age.

Why does Kushal Tondon calls his big boss 7 co-contestant Armaan Kohli ‘Buddha’. What is Armaan Kohli’s real age?

While there have been very many dusty rumors in the current week over the right number of Armaan kohli, nothing seems to be pointing the correct age of Armaan Kohli. It all started when other housemate Kushaal Tondon and Ajaj Khan got into many heated bouts of arguments and altercations with Armaan Kohli during the weekly task, and Kushal started call Armaan Kohli a ‘buddha’. Armaan certainly could not digest it, and he gave back enough material to Kushal. Although during the fight, Armaan Kohli maintained a brave face against the overly extended verbal fight but he was, of course, took it very seriously and got hurt a lot at being called a ‘buddha’ .

How old Armaan Kohli is, is big boss 7 contestant Armaan Kohli really 39 or 45 year old ?

Armaan was later seen discussing his age with Andy and Tanisha, other big boss 7 co-contestants and among his very close friends in the house. Armaan repeatedly maintained that he is just 39, how can they call him ‘buddha’ since he is not even 40 yet. Armaan’s declaration of his age immediately caught viewers attention, Armaan Kohli’s real age has always been mysterious to viewers, since Kushal was earlier seen stating that Armaan kohli is apparently at least aged 45.

What further complicates the matter is that Armaan’s age has repeatedly been changed on wikkipedia in the last few months since big boss 7 started, and colors official big boss site has also documented that Armaan Kohili is 41.

What Armaan Kohli’s biography suggest?

Lets make a shot, and try to see what Armaan Kohli’s real age could be as per the Armaan Kohli’s biography details based on wikipedia. Armaan’s debut movie Virodhi was released in year 1992, and even if we make a very bald assumption in all favorable events that he was 20 year old at his debut ( however very few male bollywood actors have made debut at age 20 ), it make him stand at least around 41 now. And if we assume a little more practically Armaan could be around 22- 23 year old at his debut and it makes out that Armaan Kohli’s real age should be around 43-44.  But all these are just plain assumptions and speculations, and you never know what is the real age of Armaan Kohli.

At last, all we can say is never mind, age is just a number! And when it comes to entertaining the viewers, ‘Jaani Dushman’  Armaan kohli leaves no room, and has been one of the strongest contestants and is expected to win the show. We wish all the best to Armaan kohli to win the show.

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