Wear loafers without socks? Loafer socks for men, no show socks

{Wear loafers without socks? Loafer socks for men, no show socks}

Do you like celebrity’s dearest semi-casual look booted with penny loafers, wearing chinos and men’s suits with penny loafers, but you often get confused whether to wear loafers without socks or not? Let’s find out how men need to wear loafers.

Loafers have been the hottest style-pick in men’s shoes from the last 3-4 seasons,  a trend that started with lounge wear, has become the must-have-darling of every men’s closet. Many people do wear loafers without socks, it surely looks cool, and gives you many compliments. However there are warnings that the sweat that gets generated out of your feet can turn the loafers a bacteria zone which will develop the itchy and smelly feet to you and may damage your loafers well. Also, when you wear loafers without socks, you end up making them dusty and start putting baby powder layers  to the feet.

Can I wear penny loafers with conventional socks?

You may opt to wear loafers with socks (else you gonna dust them ) but you can imagine how terrible and dweeb it will look when you wear loafers with those conventional pair of socks, making a desperate appearance out.  However some semi-formal loafers would look okay with socks when you wear them with formal trousers but it is complete NO otherwise. So what’s the catch? what do you need to wear with socks so that it can save your loafers and your feet too, and also does not make you look uncool and boring.

Loafer socks for men, the no-show socks

Yes, you got it right. to take you out of crises, there are no-show socks(called as loafer socks for men as well ) specially designed to wear with loafers or penny loafers only. These loafer socks for men are the ultra low ankle socks that would cover just your ankle and some part above it and will not peep out an ugly appearance from the loafers. Loafer socks for men generally come in all vibrant and even in flashy patterns sometimes  to lure out every aspect of your lifestyle.

Here are some loafer socks for men, no-show loafer socks designs that must be the part of your closet if you too love loafers

loafer socks, no-show socks for men 3 loafer socks, no-show socks for men 1 loafer socks, no-show socks for men 2 loafer socks, no-show socks for men 4 loafer socks, no-show socks for men 5

Image credits : shop.nordstrom and sperrytopsider