The vintage flared indigo royal blue suits are ruling the men’s fashion

It is an old time wardrobe tip that a navy blue suit looks classy on every men. But what about other not so popular shades of blue? A men’s suit in an indigo or electric blue, an aqua blue suit for men or perhaps that ink blue business suit for men? Yeps, you have perhaps picked the niddle from the floor, I am next going to talk about one of the most trendiest, sexiest and yet the classiest fashion trends in men’s suits, the vintage flared classic indigo royal blue suits for men or as some call it the electric/cobalt blue suits for men, possibly one of the most innovative style trend men’s suits and formal blazers have ever witnessed in the last few years.

There are no particular references on who first designed men’s suit in dapper indigo blue color or how it all courted the fancy of the season but it looks like it is inherited from the famous English iconic designer Paul Smith. The electric/indigo/cobalt blue suits have caught the fancy of almost everyone right from royals in weddings to bollywood or hollywood celebrities.


The indigo blue color suits have a vintage feel, look indeed refreshing and crisp and make you immediately feel like on a summer holiday while being right at the center of action at work. An indigo/electric blue color suit is a perfect color to wear almost for any occasion such as business corporate meets, or a causal party and It brings a terrific look everywhere you go therefore indigo/electric blue color suits are often called as perfect casual suits, an evening suits or a smart business suits for men.

What color shirt to pair with an indigo royal blue suit for men (men’s electric blue suits )

White shirts is a flawless match for an indigo royal/electric blue color suit for men but you can opt for an off-white, light sky blue as well. Good to have would be a white shirt that has french styled dress shirt with narrow or club collars instead of americana style white color dress shirt.


What color shoes to wear with an indigo blue suit for men (men’s electric blue suit )

Yeps this is perhaps the one crucial part of your indigo royal/electric blue color suit attire that can make your look relatively less attractive if you do not wear the right color shoes. It all depends on where you wearing this suit, in general tan colored shoes make you look complete with indigo royal/electric blue color suit. To detail it more, pick tan colored brogue or derby shoes for a formal look else go for the light brown or a camel color loafers or boat shoes for a more causal look.


What color tie will go well with an indigo blue suit for men (men’s electric blue suit )

Go for a black or red colored ultra-narrow, slim tie or a black bow

a red tie with indigo_cobalt_electric_blue_color_business_casual_suit_for_men

What fit works better in an indigo/electric blue color suit

Of-course, for obvious reasons, the two buttoned Italian slim fit with two lower pockets at the right side. If you have an eye for something more vintage, unique and classy, I would say go for a double breasted suit but make sure you have a good height and an athletic fit (a double breasted suit often makes the fat look even more ugly).

Where to buy an indigo/electric blue color suit in India

Oops! that’s why I always say that Indian brands are a little lazy and follow the fashion trends a few seasons late. I am yet to find such color suits in any of the prominent men’s suits brand in India. Therefore you only need to pick the fabric and get it tailored. I anticipate to see indigo/electric blue color suits dominating all the major men’s fashion brands in India in next season. I hope Indian brands learn from their mistakes and bring the trends faster.

Hola, so when are going you get this wardrobe food, the vintage inspired oxford style indigo/electric blue suit?

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