The best dressed Indian men of 2013, the common man, Arvind kejriwal

A common man, the improvident production in India, has many subtitles. A man with limited and drying resources, a man with high hopes, a man suffered from the bad breath of the system, a man thriving to stand and clean the system but often road-rolled by ever growing obstacles. But what would you say when a humble commoner with a magic broom of civic salvation, Arvind kejriwal, the insurgent emerges as a true hero who storms into scene with most honest approach and wins billions of hearts, brings a new hope, and marks a new defining era with an eye rightly set to the revolution of epic proportions.

Arvind Kejriwal, the commoner insurgent, as the best dressed Indian men of 2013. Arvind’s minimalistic style of clothing brings a new wave

It is certainly an unorthodox choice but I quote Mr Arvind Kejriwal’s minimalistic style of clothing as a new wave and a rising hope for billions of people in India. We first need to understand that menswear, or perhaps women’s too, are meant to sound the persona, and character of an individual personality unless the look is heavily borrowed or worked out by a stylist.

And that is why, I have picked our, honorable CM(the common Man) of Delhi, Mr Arvind Kejriwal, the biggest game changer of Great Indian Politics, as the best dressed Indian men of 2013, the common man dressed with an attire truly mirroring an ideology looking to change and clean the system.


Arvind’s attire communicates nicely with the commoner of India

Arvind’s attire communicates nicely with the commoner of India, is very much reflective of his approach of functioning as a machine selflessly running to make billions of lives happier and is a pastoral display of concerns for common man. Arvind’s sartorial choices of minimal tailored yet graceful clothing style has created a new era of taking things in own hands to trying hard to move away from the flawed democracy.

Arvind-kejriwal-at a-speech

The tailored platted trousers, untucked shirts, & a signature ‘Aam Aadmi’ cap

One can often find Arvind in an untucket light color shirts( small checks or solids) with a tailored platted dark color trousers ( and the winter look adds the much needed v-neck sweaters, usually dark blue or grey, with robustly knotted scarf wrapped around the head or neck ) with his signature ‘Aam Aadmi’ cap. Arvind likes to combine his authentic common man look with floaters instead of shoes and wears a frame-less spectacles signifying a visionary mind. Over all this understated attire of Arvind reflects his true persona and gels well with his ideology. The humility of this humble and modest man combined with a miter look makes an honest appeal to the people to come and work together for one of the most apolitical yet good political reforms of India intended to make a better society. And that is why I regard this commoner, Mr. Arvind kejriwal, as the best dressed Indian men of 2013.

Here is a sneak look of Arvind’s attire, the understated yet classy look, at various occasions.

Arvind-kejriwal at his delhi office