It blends well with anything, the woven braided belts for men

Is belt an optional accessory, oh yes, absolutely! But contrary to this, belts are always considered one of those few classy accessories that makes your outfit look complete and stunning. Therefore men, and for obvious reasons women too, have been obsessed with belts. People’s obsession and love for belts has always been an inspiration for designers to bring new styles of belts every few years. While there are some basic styles of belts such as dress belts, or fabric belts, few not so common belts styles have also been popular since decades. Braided belts for men or what you call it a woven belt is one such style of belt which is unique, neat yet very trendy and fancy.

brown blue green breaded belts for men online india

It blends well with anything, the woven braided belts for men

Unlike other types of belts, a braided belt is a wonder to men’s outfits and goes well with almost all kinds of clothes, be it a semi-formal men’s suit or as casual as chino shorts, these woven belts can keep everything tied in a style. While you can do experiment with belts on your semi-formal outfit, few attire such as khaki chino shorts or chinos are only best worn with woven braided belts.

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braided belts comes in all colors since it is woven in leather and fabric both and designed for all types of outfits

braided belts comes in different styles and colors such as leather and custom fabric both but leather woven belt is one which is widely popular. When it comes to colors and fabric of braided belts, rules are not really printed and you can choose from various colors and material in which these are available. You would find various fabric and leather blends of braided belts in almost all colors, however brown, black and navy blue in two tones are most common that fits with all colors of clothes.
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When can you wear braided belts?

braided woven belts are suitable to wear on all occasions, be it business meetings, summer walks or dates, you just cant keep your braided belts away.

Where to buy braided belts online or offline in India?

While braided belts are immensely popular in west and have been wardrobe staple since a long time, you would find drought of braided belts in India. I would say very few brands have been circumspect to bring this classic style of belts to their collection. Indian online private label Zovi, and European fashion major Jack & Jones are such two brands which have put braided belts right at the center of men’s fashion in India. You can try your luck at offline stores at street joints in your city such as Janpath and CP in Delhi for local made woven belts.

Here are some popular styles of braided belts to vouch for when you hunt them next

men's classic leather brown and black breaded woven belts online India

men's breaded woven belts online India
men's two tone breaded woven belts online India

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