India’s first designer innerwear brand for men, ZOIRO launches italian designed denim intimates

Having access to designer innerwear is no more a women’s forte, men can also have a smile at last as ZOIRO has launched India’s first ever premium designer range of innerwear for men that includes exclusively Italian designed denim trunks for men, ZOIRO denim intimates, and other premium range of men’s designer trunks and briefs.

ZOIRO-DENIN-Trunk-Black--Front-Pose-designer innerwear for men

The revolutionary designer innerwear for men, ZOIRO-Denim Trunks, the ZOIRO denim intimates, an Italian  designed innerwear

Derived from men’s natural love for denims, this revolutionary men’s underwear, Zoiro-Denim Trunk Intimates, is made from a denim like fabric and is exclusively designed by Claudia, Paola and Elena from C-WORK-S, the well known designers from Italy who have worked with many premium international brands in the past. This premium innerwear comes with a digitally printed belt like thick elastic and it is the first time ever in the world that an innerwear label has used such technology to the men’s innerwear range. Pattern and styling of this Zoiro-Denim trunk is done with a designer look, while comfort is exactly like  conventional men’s trunk,  and is surely going to grab your eyeballs as small tiny lovers pocket at the back gives this cute piece, denim trunk, an interesting twist.

I am sure, this innovation is set to revolutionize the men’s innerwear market In India which was stale till now and hardly see and innovation in the past except the colors.

Speaking at the launch, Navinn Seksaria, Zoiro India said, “Zoiro had set out with objective of bringing mojo to the mundane category of Indian men’s innerwear. Denim is continuation of that idea. Denims have been symbol of youth, stands for being bold and independent. With the new product, we bring the idea of Denims more intimate to oneself. While making the product, we have done some unique innovations like the digital printing, denim structure knitted fabric, etc. All along our focus has been to give Wow to our consumers with Italian design and latest innovation

ZOIRO-DENIN-Trunk-Blue-Back-Pose-designer innerwear for men

These ZOIRO denim intimates, men’s innerwear are made from high value cotton, and gives superb comfort

ZOIRO denim intimates innerwear could be designer and innovative in pattern, styling and cuts, but ZOIRO has made sure that these give superb comfort as expected from an innerwear. The micro-fiber nylon used to design ZOIRO Denim range provides a great softness with an skin friendly and an itch free experience. Zoiro underwear for men, knitted along with spandex yarn to give it adequate stretch while holding the body together, are made from high value international quality of cotton that is tipped to be breathable, hygienic and long-lasting in nature. To look more stylish with a premium feel, these innerwear have a classic bio-polish, and an enzyme wash to the fabric.

These denim intimates innerwear can be bought at the major online stores such as myntra & shoppersstop and ZOIRO has also launched exclusive stores of men’s designer innerwear in some of the metros.


Zoiro---Couch-designer denim innerwear for men


Zoiro---designer denim innerwear for men

ZOIRO-DENIN-Trunk-Black--Side-Pose-designer innerwear for men