Hang your blue jeans now, go for colored chinos and denims

If you think a blue jeans is the only way to go casuals in country side style, you need to think again given the popularity of colored chinos and denim in the last one year in India. Right from the shopping malls to the booming online shopping sites, all have been cashing on this sudden rise of colored chinos.

It is not only the casual attire that got bitten by chinos fever, work wear trousers have also been heavily replaced by khaki chinos, however khaki chinos were always popular in west but this trend is as such new in India and almost each men’s brand has come up with wonderfully colored chinos.

While chinos are equally popular for men and women both and men who are conventionally not that open to go for colors, have been picking bright colors such as electric blue, maroon, red chinos quite often.

Here are some of the popular chinos colors.

khaki chino for men

khaki chino for men

red chino for men

red chino for men

image credits: pudu lifestyle




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