New York based boutique style sunglasses label Warby Parker launches Palm Canyon Collection

New York based Warby Parker that brings boutique styled, designer, vintage-inspired sunglasses and eyeglasses online at affordable prices has launched one-of-a-kind limited edition, the Palm Canyon Collection. Palm Canyon Collection revisits the Warby Parker’s popular range of gorgeous & best-loved creatures and brings four lovely crafts for eyes — Winston, Duckworth, Preston, and Wheeler.

Warby Parker, the classical crafter of boutique-quality fashionable sunglasses and eye-frames


Warby Parker which started as a classical crafter of boutique-quality eyewear but an affordable answer to the overstated luxury sunglasses and eyeglasses in 2010 has been loved by designer-frame-lovers all over the world. Warby Parker innovativley crafts fashionable, stylish and vintage inspired new-age superior quality glasses at a fraction of the cost, about USD 100, that you would pay for the sunglasses and other eye-wear from luxurious brands. And if it was not enough, Warby Parker donates a pair of glasses to the someone in need in developing countries for each pair it sells. So in a way, Warby Parker has gently given eyeglasses for millions of people who are in need.

Warby Parker’s Palm Canyon Collection celebrates the nature Palm Spring with beautifully designed Winston, Duckworth, Preston, and Wheeler


Warby Parker’s latest Palm Canyon Collection, a refreshing re-visit of four popular sunglasses, successfully celebrates the nature of Palm Springs, one of the areas of great beauty in Western North America,  and draws creative inspirations from the Palm Spring colored palette of mesquite, acacia, ironwood, and sand.

Palm Canyon Collection is a soothing life for a sunny, mid-winter getaway and has sharp design, vintage flair, and a rather awesome fashion fabulousness. While I loved the entire Palm Canyon Collection, I particularly got obsessed with this slightly beefed up and curvy beauty, the Preston. Each pair has both men’s and women’s sunglasses and eyeglasses frames( sunglasses and optical options). While there is something geeky to all these frames, you can’t just wash away from their fashion swagger and cool classic curls.

Here is some visual treat of Warby Parker’s latest Palm Canyon Collection

Duckworth, the sun-painted desert top

duckworth-sunglasses online India

Sunglasses option of the Duckworth, the sun-painted desert top

DUCKWORTH_eye frames online india

Optical option of the Duckworth, the sun-painted desert top

Preston, the optical red canyon top

eyeglasses online in Inda

Optical option in Preston, the optical red canyon top

preston sunglasses online in Inda

Sunwear option in Preston, the optical red canyon top

Winston, Cognac Tortoise

WINSTON_sunglasses online In India

Sunwear option of WInston, Cognac Tortoise

winston-eye frames online in India

Optical option of WInston, Cognac Tortoise

Wheeler, the sun revolver & black top


WHEELER Revolver Black

WHEELER sunglasses pair online in India

Wheeler, the sun revolver black top