Birth of Indian fashion & lifestyle blogs, when fashion blogs in India were born

The sudden surge of online shopping and arrival of global fashion brands & private labels in India has bought a refreshing wave of new age fashion bloggers in India. There have been some Indian fashion blogs around the time dot com boom started but recent trends of discovering things online and borrowing inspirations from online fashion communities have given a leaf to this otherwise immensely popular category of blogs of western market.

The arrival of fashion & lifestyle blogs in the industry, when it all started

There are perhaps no clear indications of how the trend of fashion blogging started but you can pick certain defining moments in fashion and lifestyle blogging such as publication of some group photos of Greta Garbo, Bill Cunningham in New York Times which later became a regular street style feature of the daily around 1978 and the launch of portal What’s New from Tim Berners-Lee in 1994 or the arrival of Open Diary by Claudio Pinhanez in 1994. But fashion blogs started dominating around 2002 and subsequently a lifestyle & fashion company Glam Media was founded in 2003 which had around 1500 fashion & lifestyle portals, blogs  including, is founded.

Indian fashion blogs, when fashion blogs in India were born

And as soon it started picking in west, Indian bloggers started adapting early trends of fashion & lifestyle blogging in India too around 2004 & 2005. Mainly Indian NRI women who were a buzz about style and beauty, started blogging on makeup and beauty, street fashion, lifestyle, and jewellery and began to influence  people. It was around 2005-06 when Indians started relying more on online mediums for fashion & style related queries. Later on, surge in online shopping in India created more ripples to the fashion & lifestyle blogging once content and social media marketing become the driver’s paddle for fashion brand marketers.

William J. Cunningham  published a group of his street pictures in NY Times in 1978, which soon became a regular fashion series

William J. Cunningham
published a group of his street pictures in NY Times in 1978, which soon became a regular fashion series

How fashion & lifestyle blogs make a difference.

Fashion & lifestyle is a multi billion dollar market that has seen considerable impact from the fashion & lifestyle blogging and online communities. Brands have seen the penetration of trends and collections far deeper once it is recommended by influencers,  in a way ordinary people who shows how to dress and style themselves. Brand marketers have realized that products displayed by bloggers and other community influencers often tend to create more viral adaptations than the products shown on perfect-figure models. And therefore marketers have been busy in building active communities of early lifestyle adapters and fashion bloggers at various fashion blogs who can help to grow the new set of brand’s latest offerings.

Indian fashion blogs, fashion & lifestyle blogs India

New York Times style section highlights the men’s s Street fashion with Bill Cunningham. Men’s layering, waistcoats & vests dressing in very classic way

Is fashion & lifestyle blogging on a roll in India? Do fashion blogs in India affect the adaptations ?

While you can’t really stand out a few blogs that have created a whole set of brand values solely based on blogs but you can’t ignore the influences some such as faux pas and stylish/nature have created over the time. For example I created this men’s fashion blog, the India focused men’s only fashion & lifestyle blog, sometime back and one of the article based on an innovation men’s innerwear has generated a tremendous read-rate and I often get flooded by requests on where to purchase that awesome design. Fashion & lifestyle blogs in India may not have a good reach in tier-3 cities as of now but they would surely pick faster than expected and have already grown among the urban men/women in tier 1- and tier-2 cities in India. So I do see a good future for brands that will adept this new medium of generating leads and will try to influence and market themselves through the Indian fashion & lifestyle blogs.

Indian fashion blogs, makeup and beauty blogs in India

American eagle loves to create communities online via showing its collection on real people

men's fashion & lifestyle blogs online in India

American eagle promotes buyers to showcase their style while wearing AEO

Image credits: NY Times, & Instagram for American Eagle Outfitters