Best tattoo artists in Delhi NCR, (Noida/Gurgaon) India, tattoo shops/studios to get inked in style

{Best tattoo artists in Delhi NCR, (Noida/Gurgaon), India, to get inked in style. Best tattoo saloons/parlour, tattoo studio and shops in Delhi NCR, India }

Wear your heart on your skin, tattoos have power and magic that not only decorate your skin but also your soul. Once , famous hollywood actor celebrity Johney Depp said “My body is my journal, and my tattoos are my story.”

When it all started, origination of Tattooing?

Body art of tattoo (made by injecting ink into your skin) has been in history since centuries in various cultures and counties across the world.  Among the old references, you would find that Ainu, an indigenous people of Japan, and Kondhs women in India had traditional facial tattoos. Tattooing used to be very popular among ethnic groups in Africa, Cambodia, Europeon countries, and South America, But the the modern revival of tattooing can be attributed to somewhere in England around late 1700s.

While it seems like everyone has got inked, a tattoo these days, and it might sound the best style enhancer itself but it is very much needed to do some research, on various tattoo forms, tattoo artists, tattoo designs, health risks and precautions, before getting a tattoo done as the removal of tattoo is could be more complicated than getting inked unless it is a temporary tattoo done at a city’s corner tattoo shop.

Before you get a tattoo done

So here some of the important things that you must know before you get head down to a tattoo parlour and switch to roll up your sleeve.

#Make sure you have good immunity system, and plan where will you be get medicated if your tattooed skin gets any infected

#think of a designs that you would like to get. Getting a replica of Beckham or Victoria might not work as good as something your own personal idea design.

#Place it right, decide the body part which you would like to get inked. If you are getting it fist time, pick the relatively less sensitive areas such as shoulders and thighs for women, and the arms and back for men.

#Something that needs lots of time is to find an artist, look for the friends recommendations make sure tattoo shop is clean and and safe.

#Getting tattooed is surely painful but hey, no pain no gain! relax, a good tatto artist may make sure that it does not give you unbearable pain.

#take care of the tattoo art,  put a cover/bandage on the body area for sometime

#protect it from sun

Here are some of the best tattoo artists in Delhi NCR, India( best tattoo saloons, parlour studio in Delhi NCR, India). These studios may not be area specific such as best tattoo artists, tattoo shop, studio in South Delhi, best tattoo artist studio in Gurgaon or best tattoo artist studio in Gurgaon

#Devil’z Tattooz
Devil’z Tattooz, one of biggest chain of tattoo studios in Delhi/Gurgaon/Noida NCR.

#Funky Monkey (Tattoo Bar):
Gurgaon and Delhi
Looks like, one of the oldest tattoo parlour in India with good tattoo artists that specialize in custom tattoos.

Both the above ahve been mentioned as one of the best tattoo parlours in India by GQ magazine online

#Mike’s Body Art Studio
Tattoos By Mike have earned a good fame

And here are some of the best celebrity tattoo designs, the popular tattoo design ideas

david bekham tattoo


tommy tatto

pic credit: stylebistro





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