Always choose right clothing for exercises, workouts

It’s 6 AM, and you are ready to go to gym. Nothing feels better than making a resolution and relentlessly pursuing it. This New Year couldn’t have started on a fitter note. You are getting ready, putting in your cotton tracksuit with your usual cotton undergarments, a new pair of lightweight running shoes and cotton socks with towel padding.

Does your workout clothing sweat a lot?

At 6:30 AM, you hit the gym, your fingers setting the running time and speed on the treadmill dashboard. You look up in the mirror, face beaming with positive energy, body eager to run. 20 minutes into running, you look up in the mirror, sweat dripping all around and dissonance between your mind and body. Mind is signaling to stop this ordeal yet body is not giving any signal of fatigue. 5 minutes before the end, your face red after multiple wiping of sweat, glowing with a sense of accomplishment. Your entire attire drenched in sweat, glued to your body.

Workout running on trademill

You gleefully end your run, return to home, ready to start another promising day. After another productive day, as it has been norm since you started your morning exercise routine, you finish your dinner, pick-up a book and are lying on the bed. Suddenly, you feel itching at your thigh joins. You Start scratching, itching getting more irritating. Now, your back starts itching. You rub it vigorously, only to make itching more bitter. After back, your chest, armpits, upper abdomen, itching seems to spread as a fire, affecting all the areas. You are rubbing everywhere, puzzled, irritated; you remove your shirt and shorts. You see red marks all over your body, itching is getting unbearable and you feel helpless.

Get a right clothing for exercises and enjoy your workout even more

Are you wondering what may have caused this nightmarish situation? Answer lies in the CLOTHING that you choose for your workout sessions. Getting right clothing is extremely important for you to enjoy your workout sessions. Many websites focusing on fitness emphasize its importance as here, here & here.

Conventional cotton clothing is not the best option to wear at exercise

As any newbie does, I also started practicing using cotton clothes, with an idea that they are better suited to absorb sweat. Halfway through the nightmare, I realized my mistake and consulted few experienced marathon runners who suggested to use Dry-Fit clothes made of POLYSTER. As this article details, multiple options are available for choosing the right undergarments. Mostly, using Polyester undergarments does job well for most of the scenarios. With right clothing, you are now well set to a leaner, fitter self of yours. Enjoy running!




Gaurav Tiwari