A classic wardrobe staple, the leather jackets for men

Hola Con Estilo! Leather Jackets, do I need to stamp it? The rugged, worn finish leather jackets for men is a perfect piece from one those quintessential all-season stylish apparels, just like an LBD for women, that is never considered to be tricked out.

The iconic, classic PERFECTO style Leather Jacket for men by Schott NYC.

Leather jackets have been popular from a long time, and it is said that first set of leather jackets were created in First World War to be worn by aviators. The iconic, classic PERFECTO style leather jacket, world famous for motor cyclists and also called as biker leather jacket, was first designed by designer Irving Schott in United States of America. The original classic PERFECTO leather jacket, considered as first such jacket which had extensively used zippers and had redefined the motor  bikers look, was bulky armed with heavy and thick zippers making it look an ultimate fantasy for bad boys bikers. The original PERFECTO style leather jacket is manufactured by American clothing company Schott NYC.

PERFECTO Style Men’s Leather Jacket in Hollywood classics

PERFECTO Style leather jackets gained wild popularity among motorbikers and teenage rebels due to Marlon Brando’s PERFECTO act in 1953 American outlaw biker film The Wild One. Since then leather jackets have always been shouted as the sartorial sense of personality. Another similar style of leather jacket worn in Grease, a 1978 American Musical Classic, having a T at back took the fashion circuit on storm. And later around 80s leather jackets were everywhere right from runaways to private labels and brands.

A still from The Wild One,  a 1953 American outlaw biker film 

The-Wild-One-classic-movie leather jacket

Starcast of Grease, a 1978 American Musical Classic, in leather jackets

Grease2-starcast wearing leather jackets

Grease-starcast in leather jacket 2


Besides the PERFECTO, star one(having a single stars at both the sides) , classic racer, cafe racer are the other popular designs of the leather jackets.

Where to buy men’s leather jackets in India? Design recommendations to buy perfect leather jackets for men at online or offline shopping in India

Over the time, leather jacket styles have adopted different designing innovations such as narrow collars, contrast borders, sued touch, slick fits, long lengths but it has always been a staple to men’s wardrobe. Leather jackets are always pitched when it comes to wild night outs or when you need streak around  on an exploration drive.

Looking at the madness people have about leather jackets, nice leather jackets could be a nightmare to buy in India as not many labels include them in their collection, perhaps because of the their higher price. But a custom leather jacket, made on order, can be bought from various vendors online or offline in India. You can find such vendors over ebay or in the local vicinity of shoes market in your city(however nowadays  some of the ecommerce stores have also started selling custom designer leather jackets to lure growing online shopping customers in India)

Here are some of the classic leather jackets designs to help you pick the right style, design when you get to customize your leather jackets, online or offline in India.

1. The classic Classic Perfecto Leather Motorcycle Jacket for men by Schott NYC


Classic Perfecto Leather Motorcycle Jacket by Schott NYC

2. The classic-racer leather Motorcycle Jacket for men by Schott NYC



classic-racer-leather-motorcycle-jacket Jacket by Schott NYC


3. One Star Perfecto Leather Motorcycle Jacket  for men by Schott NYC

One Star Perfecto Leather Motorcycle Jacket

4. Vintage Motorcycle Jacket for men by Schott NYC

Vintage Motorcycle Jacket


Image credits Schott NYC