10 things that a men should definitely not wear on first date

Ohh you had a date! Great, so… well, Hows it?

It was all good…

Ok, great… so what did you wear on your date-night?

Isn’t above straight out of the text-book? What you wore on your first date is surely that flicks anyone most besides how the date was. It is not a not a secret anymore that you need to strike your first impression with care, but a good impressions is as difficult to make as to pick a good outfit out of your ever growing, piled up wardrobe to wear on first date.

Well, while there are certain guidelines to follow for how to dress and what to wear on your first date, but you can perhaps never be sure and it all fluctuates more on the mood, place, and of-course the taste of your girl, after all, she is the one who has to compliment you. And so, while I leave it up to you whether to pick a khaki jacket or roll a scarf around the neck, go for rugged oxfords or simply slip in to the lazy blue loafers and what to wear on first date, I am gonna pick few things that men should stay away while dressing for the first date.

10 things that you and any men should definitely not wear on first date

#1 Say bye bye to formal Derby and Cap Toe Bal shoes

Women are known species to be super-obsessed with shoes, and it stays true for a men’s shoes too. Women likes to see their men in neat and clean good shoes. So give extra care to your shoes when you go on your first date, wear some nice ones, lace-ups, boots, or loafers whatever is appropriate for the place.


#2 Say NO to T-shirts with offensive, & vulgar quotes

Better keep such so called pretended-to-be-funny t-shirts for your beer meets, these t-shirts can mistakenly reflect the mood that is not of yours.


#3 Good bye to Multi-colored horizontal stripes shirts

Horizontal stripes makes a man look shorter, and do I need to say more?


#4 Say No to floaters or flip-flops

floaters marks a carefree persona, and trust me no girl wanna meet a a guy shouting loud with a careless attitude


#5 Do not go for colors such as yellow, and orange


#6 A big NO to the 2 button double press blazers, however 8 or 6 button double press outerwear are a big raze and makes a great trendy style


#7 Do not wear a half sleeves casual beach shirts paired with cool chinos unless its a date on beach

hawai_shirts_beach_shirts for men

#8 Tracks or sweat pants


#9 Say RIP, rest in peace, to your old cargo jeans



#10 Go off from flashy hats, and caps

hats caps for men


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