10 best hairstyles for men with slick side parting, men’s latest & new hairstyle 2014

{10 best hairstyles for men, neat and tidy slick side parting hairstyles, men’s latest & new hairstyle for 2014} Fashion, be it apparel or hairstyles, loves to recircle back, what is called the history(read as old-fashioned), comes back as a gold(read as the swagger, and one of the best hairstyles for men ).

Dapper, and debonaire hairstyles, called as slick hairstyles for men, short hair with side parting and cropped sides are back!

After a long decade of casual, spiky, and crew hair cut trends, a kind of dapper and debonaire hairstyle, called as slick hairstyles for men, short hair with side parting and cropped sides, has returned back to the arena of men’s best hairstyles of all time. Slick, one of the hottest and the best hairstyles for the men today, to be worn with a growing beard, the rugged stubble 9 PM look, very, very famous with every men across the world these days ( however apparently not so loved by the women ). Another variant to the side parting slick hairstyle is the quiff vintage look adopted from 1950s, quiff is made with holding side and back hair tight.

Carrying a neat slick look with hair either rolled back or slicked across with a visible side parting is the look that has caught the attention of celebrities too

From Indian actors such as Akshay Kumar, Abhay Deol to celebrities in west, Leonardo Dicaprio, David Bekham, Robbie William, everyone seems to have adopted this tidy look, the best hairstyles for men. Apart from the sophisticated, neat and a tidy appearance that it generates to men’s hairstyles, it is also one of the most easiest men’s hairstyle, and one of the best hairstyles of men’s too, to adopt no matter what kind of hair you have, thick, thin, fine, or even curly, anything can glue it perfectly, and not to forget that a barber also has good breath while giving you this cut.

This trend reminds me of my teen, 90s, when short hair was anything but cool, short parted at the side was damn boring, and uncool sported by rather uncool people who did know how to think better for themselves. Short hair style was a heritage from the previous generation. After all who can forget Raj Kapoor, or Prince Charles parting them so neatly, and tidy while some such as Dev Anand opting for quiff vintage look.

As we slowly moved to the 2000s, best hairstyles for men kept changing

We started growing hair over ears and collar to flip them on front, it was such a revolution that everybody wanted to witness, however not so everybody had joined it. Over the years, there have been many hair style variants of spiky, and out-of-bed hairstyles that could easily caught the fancy of people, but the slick side parting is the look of the moment, the hottest trend through out 2013 and gonna rule in 2014 as well.

#Here are the 10 best slick (side parting with cropped sides) hairstyles trends for men, the debonair, neat and tidy variants of men’s best hairstyle of side parting for 2014.

leonardo-dicaprio-in a side parting hairstyle

akshay-kumar- in side parting hair style

David-Beckham-Hairstyle-side parting

liam-payne-hair style

abhay deol side parting cropped at sides hairstyle

pratiek babbar

Zac-Efron hairstyle

louis-tomlinson hairstyle

liam-payne hair style

david-beckham cropped sides and quiff hairstyle


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